Content Marketing

Tell "your" story - and win the hearts and minds of your potential customers! And do so where your customers spend several hours a day: Online - in social networks or on the web.

With a content strategy carefully adapted to your business objectives, you can make a significant contribution to your business success today by distributing likeable, creative content.

Together we will develop your individual "story" and stage you in appropriate multimedia content. Your target group is served with tailor-made content throughout the entire customer journey and experiences your brand on various channels.

In-depth data analytics allows us to gain new insights, adapt the content accordingly and thus always ensure the optimal use of your advertising budget.

Thanks to our strategic approach, serious research and proven processes, we are able to support your company's brand message and strengthen your digital presence in every step.


Your website - your "hub" in the digital world

We create a digital "home" for your most important contents - presented in a clear and appealing way.

Your brand message, your values and wishes are the guidelines for your customised web presence. Direct access, easy navigation, understandable content, innovative graphics are our trademarks. 

We are committed to delivering fast, technically perfect websites that are programmed with an up-to-date CMS (Content Management System) and can of course be displayed on any device. (responsive design).


Social Media Management

Social networks have developed into indispensable marketing channels - with incredible opportunities to directly contact potential customers. 

Many companies find it difficult to keep track in the jungle of networks. To publish attractive content everywhere, to strike the right note, to use the right formats and to answer all comments promptly. 

netgarden has developed various proven processes to efficiently use social media as a marketing and advertising channel and to make a relevant contribution to increase brand awareness and business success.